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"Henry, we don't want to go!"
— Troublesome Trucks
Via Sellafield

Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose

Air date

February 21 2007

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Off the Rails

Via Sellafield is the fifth episode of the Railways of Sodor, but was the sixth released. The episode was launched on Febuary 21 2007


Gordon and James are arguing about the Express. Sir Topham Hatt has to call for Diesel so he arrives to recover Duck but he came via a nuclear power plant and dragged something with him. He takes Duck to the scrapyard where 2 of his cronies are waiting to cut Duck up but The Fat Controller foils his plan and sends him to pull an undesirable train. Later Gordon puffs along the line and hits something and is traumatized for the rest of the episode. Sir Topham Hatt cancels the seemingly unimportant train and instead sends Diesel to the NRM for a disciplinary punishment.




  • This episode was the first two part episode to not have a Director's Cut along with Episode 8, unlike Episode 7.


  • Sound distortion can be heard a couple of times in the episode.


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