With the completion of "Dart", my trio of Gandy Dancer conversions have been completed. They will feature heavily in my toy review and competition video at the end of this month. I am now building a new set on which to film them...

...but first, a closer look at the conversions, whose building I will cover fully in the Day of the Diesels special video.


The basic gist is simple. Remove the original wheels, make square hole, and tidy it up to fit the Bachmann Gandy dancer chassis through. Glue together, and modify the outer die cast shell to fit. "Den" is the heaviest of the three conversions (surprisingly heavier than "Flynn") and as such is the most powerful, and the fastest! He can also pull a surprisingly heavy load.


"Dart" required a lot more lateral thought in the conversion process as he has a narrower body with less weight to it. I ended up modifying the gandy dancer heavily, re-wiring it. It's a smoother runner but now quite light on its feet, in comparison to "Den" anyway!

Until next time - when the four Day of the Diesels Take N Play models get their run out...!

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