Since breaking the news on Bachmann's Duck a year ago, I've endured a few hits in my time. I feel I've been somewhat vindicated by Bachmann's latest model.

Bachmann duck

There's no doubt in my mind that Bachmann have nailed Duck. The proportions are spot on for the TV series model. The only thing is missing are the buffers needed to be red and black. With that done, the model hits all the right spots. And if you look carefully...there's a hint of a stovepipe too!

Do bear in mind folks that this is a recently released model. This will have been made to test the moulds and the livery prior to release. As a result, minor aesthetic changes are not unlikely, but any major retooling at this stage is not going to happen.

Not that it needs to, to be frank!

Support Bachmann's superb range by buying Duck when he comes out. Know that I'll have a special Duck VS Duck review lined up at some point in the future, too!

Until next time.

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