It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to run this wiki. We are lucky to have the best staff team a wiki could ask for to run our wikia. With the admins making sure every page is in tip-top shape and chat moderators making sure all of our wonderful members are getting along, there is always something new. Here you can get to know who is in charge and a bit about them.


Princess Bloom

ShadowyProductions (nicknamed Bloom) is one of the oldest active members of TTTE Wikia. Although she did not create the wiki, she changed an empty website to a knowledgable database on things on the wiki topic. She is known as our fearless leader, and has been with the wiki as we expand. She is currently working on bringing the wiki to a better place by giving us the latest features.


Tales lives at the United Kingdom near the Great Western Railway. This means his most favourite character is Duck. Tales knows how to hold his own and tends to stand for no nonsense from any people that might get ideas above their station and try to order him or others about. He likes things to run like clockwork, without fuss, and is a very efficient, loyal person. He takes tremendous pride in the responsibilities bestowed upon him, particularly in his role of running the wiki and extremely honored by his position as admin and acts seriously. It’s always splendid to talk with him, anytime and anywhere. He is an educated man, who was crowned as the fourth king of the wiki. When the Fall of Leaders arose, Tales arrived to succeed the throne.


SilverWing17 was an educated man from Glasgow United Kingdom, a soothsayer to the late Princes Bloom who manages the wiki in the absence of NWRTales1221. He was undoubtedly wise, wiser than any of our leaders combined. Not only in science but on power, life and religious subjects. He is one of the key members to the wiki's fate. He decides what will be destroyed and kept on the wiki. With him on our side, we don't need to worry about spam building up as he will make sure he is gone within the day. He is also very loyal and holy, declared blessed too. What an MVP!



Better known as Christopher, GoldenAgeTriton is one of the board members of the wiki.

More Info Soon!



Athidship was the first admin and founder of the co-wiki. He made the first edit, uploaded the first pictures and created the first templates. Abruptly he knew more cleaver people would be able to posses his throne so he passed it onto Henry which was now given to Thomasfan. He however left  great legacy to the wiki. He will always be an admin in his own right. His last visit was unknown.

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