"You would really want to help him now Thomas, the Breakdown Cranes are here now."
— Oliver
Really Bad Day

Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose

Air date

February 21 2007

Previous episode

Duck's Bad Day

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Really Bad Day is the third episode of the Railways of Sodor. The episode was launched on Febuary 21 2007


The Breakdown Cranes are ready, so Thomas races to recover Duck but on the way to the works the crane is set too high and they smash into a tunnel mouth, as a result Thomas's driver is shaken from the footplate and is thus a runaway. Because of the delays James has to pull a goods train, much to his dismay.




  • A Brake Van or the Works Unit Coach should have been added to Thomas' train.
  • When Thomas' driver got out to switch the points, a shadow can be seen, clearly Gavin had switched the points.
  • In the scene where the coaches are being shunted, a shadow can be seen which was Gavin rose pushing the coaches.
  • The credits roll before the episode finishes.
  • James should have been angry at Thomas not Percy as Thomas was the one who had run away.


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