— Percy on brakevans
Percy and the Brakevan





Christopher Awdry

Air date

January 2, 2012

Previous episode

Buffer Bashing

Next episode

Gordon and the Trucks

Percy and the Brakevan is the third episode of the Railway Stories from Sodor. The episode was launched on January 2 2012.


Henry tells Percy about the goods trains on the Other Railway that do not have brakevans. Percy decides that if the Other Railway doesn't need brakevans, then he doesn't either. A few days later, Percy is arranging a line of trucks at the harbour. He is just backing onto the brakevan when the shunter's attention is distracted and he forgets to couple the brakevan. The guard, unaware of this, blows his whistle and Percy sets off quickly, without a brakevan. Percy starts so quickly that one of the truck's couplings comes loose and as Percy puffs up the hill, the weight of the trucks behind him snap the coupling. The last four trucks roll back down the slope and hit the brakevan with a bump. Luckily, the guard sees the runaway trucks coming and screws the brakes hard on before jumping clear. Afterwards, Percy agrees that brakevans are vital after all.




  • Henry is in his old shape.

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