"Well we have been here longer than you have James"
— Edward
Old Groaner





Christopher Awdry (original)
SacredWolfie (adapted)

Air date

January 19 2013

Previous episode

Daisy's Dilemma

Old Groaner is the seventh episode of the Railway Stories from Sodor. The episode was launched on January 19 2013.


Whilst feeling sorry for himself and annoying the other engines, James worries that he will be sent for scrap for being old and unable to go as fast as the other engines. Spatter and Dodge's teasing doesn't help matters either when he has to work with them later on. A few days later, an inspector comes to the shed and tells James' crew that people are complaining about a groaning noise that keeps them awake. The following night, James' crew listens to the noise carefully and it turns out to be James' brake-blocks. After they are mended, James is glad to have a rest, but not when the other engines nickname him "Old Groaner"!



  • This episode is based on the story 1986 annual story "Old Groaner", the big difference is that it features Splatter and Dodge. Also Donald and Douglas were removed from the script.

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