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"Henry, we don't want to go!"
— Troublesome Trucks
Ducks Bad Day

Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose


Gavin Rose

Air date

February 21 2007

Previous episode

Slippery Rails

Next episode

Really Bad Day

Ducks Bad Day is the second episode of the Railways of Sodor, but was the third released. The episode was launched on Febuary 21 2007


Duck takes a coal train to Vicarstown, but before he arrives there, a tree falls from the hillside and Duck smashes into it. His crew ran to the nearest signal box and called Henry to remove the trucks. Unfortunately for Duck it would take too long to be recovered so he is just left there to freeze.





  • Some of the trucks derail when Henry pulls them away.
  • When Duck arrives at the yard to collect the train, look at the upper part of th screen and you will see a coach derailed.
  • Studio equipment can be seen throughout the episode.
  • The camera was shaking when Duck's crew phoned for help.
  • Most of the "coal trucks" are empty.


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