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""You silly Great Engine""
— Workman Complaining
Buffer Bashing!





Reverend W. Awdry
SacredWolfie (adapted)

Air date

October 15 2011

Previous episode

He's Always Late!

Next episode

Percy & The Brakevan

Buffer Bashing is the second episode of the Railway Stories from Sodor. The episode was launched on October 15 2011.


James is helping to fix a new section of line, with help from Donald and Douglas, but Donald soon has an accident and worries what that Fat Controller will say about the broken buffers.

Days later, when the buffers are mended, things soon go wrong for poor Douglas when he too has an accident, with the same buffers.





  • This episode has a part based on the story of [ Thomas comes to Breakfast] (Douglas saying Hu
  • In the scene where James was stuck up the hill (in relation to the story Edward and Gordon), Gordon's role was replaced by James.


  • The Fat Controller shouldn't have blamed Douglas as it was not his fault. He crashed because his brakes won't work.
  • Buffers are meant to absorb the shock of an engine running into another object, so Douglas's buffers or bufferbeam should not have been damaged when he ran into the buffers.
  • How did Douglas stop when his brakes were broken?
  • Nothing is said about Donald or Douglas' crew when they hit the buffers.


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