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  • Thomasfan89

    Ever had one of those "EPIC FAIL" moments, when you realize you've made an unbelievable error, and have to re-shoot an entire review film all over again?

    Yeah... *Facepalms*

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  • SteamTeam3211

    I thought I'd share a few more pics of my ongoing project, a "Pre-Kipper" Henry the Green Engine, being built from a standard Bachmann Henry model. Today's update concentrates on the tender, which is all but complete; missing lining out and the number three numerals.

    The colour looks much less like it matches on camera, but in real life the shades between the two greens used is not obvious at all.

    I'm thrilled with the way the tender has come out - the added height makes it that much closer to the real thing. It's also quite a sturdy modification too, and the smoothest finish I think I've done on a model. A pity when you consider I have to strip the loco body again later this week for a third repaint!

    The real coal adds something to the overa…

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  • SteamTeam3211

    Still working on the "Pre Kipper Henry" model, for the upcoming Hornby VS Bachmann Henry video.

    I'd like to make something very clear: by no means is my upcoming "how to" video, the only way, or the "best" way of making these character; simply how I managed it.

    However, I'd like to think that my way of doing it has a little panache, so let's see how I've been getting on this week...

    Yes - we have the green paint, finally applied! I had my heart set on a particular type of aerosol green, but after a few attempts I felt the colour was significantly off. So as per usual, I mixed my own, and applied a varnish afterwards. The result is as above - hopefully matching the wheels and cylinders rather more closely than the paint I was originally going …

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  • SteamTeam3211

    Taking my mind off the rioting in London, I decided last night to get on with the Henry build, which involves modifying the Bachmann Henry model into its original form.

    However, one thing stuck out as wrong for both the original Henry, and his rebuilt form. The tender. The side sheets on the standard Bachmann model are far too short. I was debating in the last blog post as to whether or not to bite the bullet and make the modifications, and as you can see from the picture above, it would need some additional material on the side sheets.

    Well, you know me...!

    Two strips of plasticard, 2mm thick, was stuck down after I carefully filed down either side of the moulded coal for them to rest on. These were stuck down with expoy and left to harden f…

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  • SteamTeam3211

    I thought I'd give a little update for those of you waiting anxiously for the Henry VS Henry video (out by September 9th), through showing you a few modelling updates. Here, I have test fitted the safety valves and whistle, and the cab, and put the model together to show how it'll look when finally put together.

    Handrails have been fitted - I got fed up of trying to preserve the moulded ones!

    The boiler bands were removed - we had a little debate on the Sodor Island Forums regarding this, and it suddenly hit me this morning as to why the boiler bands were so wrong. Removing the outer bands leaves the exact same number of bands - and spacing - as the Bachmann Gordon model! So there you have it, it seems the two models share a lot of developme…

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  • SteamTeam3211

    This is a trailer for a product review which looks at the top two models of Henry the Green Engine, sold in the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, and made by the companies Hornby & Bachmann respectively.

    This trailer features the work in progress, "Pre-Flying Kipper" Henry, made from a standard Bachmann Henry model.

    The full review will have a link to a full "how to segment" to show you how to make your own version of the original Henry model from the television series, with what tools, materials and paints to use.

    It's a work in progress, but I think it's coming along nicely. Needs a lot more work to the bodyshell and cab, I have sourced replacement safety valves and a whistle, in short it's going to look terrific when finish…

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  • SteamTeam3211

    So, a positive post - the Bachmann Devious Diesel model has arrived. Strictly speaking, not true - the "devious" appears to have been permanently dropped for this character, long after Britt Allcroft introduced it in the mid 90s.

    However the arrival of this model has made one thing abundantly clear: Bachmann need to do partial retools of their older models. The latest models are making the older models look very tired and poorly designed by comparison. Looking at Diesel, and then the first model in the range (Thomas) confirms this view further.

    The first thing which springs to mind are the coupling hooks. No longer the strangely shaped and elongated hook at front and back in grey plastic, they are much closer in shape to an actual coupling h…

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  • SteamTeam3211

    With the completion of "Dart", my trio of Gandy Dancer conversions have been completed. They will feature heavily in my toy review and competition video at the end of this month. I am now building a new set on which to film them...

    ...but first, a closer look at the conversions, whose building I will cover fully in the Day of the Diesels special video.

    The basic gist is simple. Remove the original wheels, make square hole, and tidy it up to fit the Bachmann Gandy dancer chassis through. Glue together, and modify the outer die cast shell to fit. "Den" is the heaviest of the three conversions (surprisingly heavier than "Flynn") and as such is the most powerful, and the fastest! He can also pull a surprisingly heavy load.

    "Dart" required a lot …

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  • SteamTeam3211

    I must be the first, surely? Yes, this is a powered Take N Play "Flynn" the fire engine! Which I think scales very nicely with the Bachmann Thomas model. Look out for it, and other conversions to HO running, in the next special review...which includes a Day of the Diesels themed competition, with prizes!

    Until next time! Posted by Simierski at 10:3

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  • SteamTeam3211

    They really DID arrive from Scotland today! Great thanks to Trainsontime for supplying my review samples. I notice that Douglas has a bit of a "HERP" face thanks to a slipped eyeball, so will have to fix that before the big review.

    However, watch out for my test run footage coming later this evening. I've had them double heading and am mightily impressed. They are weighty, powerful models with superb attention to detail of the original TV series models (and in my review you'll find out the extremes to which these models were accurately made!)

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  • MacDonald53EraBaron

    Since breaking the news on Bachmann's Duck a year ago, I've endured a few hits in my time. I feel I've been somewhat vindicated by Bachmann's latest model.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Bachmann have nailed Duck. The proportions are spot on for the TV series model. The only thing is missing are the buffers needed to be red and black. With that done, the model hits all the right spots. And if you look carefully...there's a hint of a stovepipe too!

    Do bear in mind folks that this is a recently released model. This will have been made to test the moulds and the livery prior to release. As a result, minor aesthetic changes are not unlikely, but any major retooling at this stage is not going to happen.

    Not that it needs to, to be frank!

    Support …

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