• Designer: Sir Henry Fowler
  • Built: May 1934
  • Builder: LMS, Crewe and Derby works
  • Class: LMS "Patriot"
  • Configuration: 4-6-0

Archibald (known as the 'Big City Engine''' in the Wooden Railway line) is a tender engine from the LMS built at Crewe in May 1934. He once stayed the night  in Tidmouth Sheds with GordonHenry and James. When Thomas and Percy tried to talk to him but Archibald thought Tank engines were undignified. but he soon learned his lesson after an incident with Bill and Ben.


Archibald is based on an original build LMS "Patriot" 4-6-0.


Archibald is painted dark green with red lining and grey wheels and cylinders. He presumably has a British Railways' crest on his tender. The Wooden Railway model has an emblem on its tender with the letters BCE in red.


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