"The live action appealed to me as it felt like the best train set ever and I had and loved my model railway as a child."
— Andrew Brenner on the original model series, 2012 SiF interview

Andrew Brenner is the current head writer for Thomas and Friends.  He started writing for the seventeenth season in November 2010, when Sharon Miller stepped down. He worked as a script editor for Blue Mountain Mystery before taking over the reins as head writer.


He previously worked on the magazine stories, starting at the beginning of their publication in 1987. He was given seasons one and two on video and was asked to adapt the episodes into magazine stories. When he ran out of episodes to adapt, he wrote original stories, several of which were adapted into third season episodes without his knowledge or consent. He stopped working on the magazines soon after. He was never credited for his work in either the magazines or the television series. Among the stories that were adapted were Henry's Forest, which was inspired by a storm that caused damage and blew trees over around London.

He was also the head writer of "Tractor Tom", "Angelina Ballerina", "Fireman Sam", and "The Cramp Twins". It also stated on his online CV that he is the headwriter for Jack and the Pack. This was later removed for unknown reasons. 

Episodes Written

Season 17


Andrew also wrote several magazine stories which were adapted into third season episodes. The only ones confirmed so far are Henry's Forest which is based on the magazine story of the same name, Thomas, Percy and the Dragonwhich was adapted from Percy's Night Out and Percy and the DragonPercy, James and the Fruitful Day which is adapted from the magazine story Percy Gets JammedThomas Gets Bumped which is based on the story A Bump on the LineHeroes which is based on the stories In a Muddle and Heroes, and One Good Turn which is based on the stories Head On and Pulling Together.

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